As a certified Orton Gillingham Teacher, Ken Eiker is able to work with the many different dyslexia intervention programs that are based on the Orton Gillingham philosophy.

The dyslexia reading program that Ken and his students prefer; however, is the Orton Gillingham based Barton Reading and Spelling System. The Barton Reading and Spelling System is a multi-sensory, direct, explicit, structured, sequential, and intense intervention program that is research and evidence based for use in dyslexia treatment. It meets all of the guidelines set forth by the International Dyslexia Association. The program aims to build phonemic awareness skills from the start. Other skills are taught gradually until mastered. 

Whizzimo.com and the Barton Reading & Spelling System have partnered to provide a cutting-edge, easy-to-use, and effective remote tutoring system. The attractive screens and smooth transitions create a positive environment that helps those struggling with dyslexia.  

What does the Barton Reading and Spelling System include?

  • Sentence work 
  • Grammar instruction
  • Fluency drills
  • Mnemonic devices to help student remember spelling patterns
  • Influences of Latin, Greek and French to help students understand the derivation of language

The Barton Reading and Spelling System is used by therapists, reading specialists, reading tutors, and public and private schools in the United States and around the world.


Susan Barton, the developer of the Barton Reading & Spelling System is trained in multiple structured literacy programs. Internationally renowned, she founded Bright Solutions for Dyslexia and is recognized as a dyslexia expert and advocate. Moreover, and further commending her expertise, she has been inducted into the International Dyslexia Association’s Hall of Honor. 

Follow this link to watch Susan Barton give a talk about dyslexia:


  1. Phonemic Awareness
  2. Consonants & Short Vowels
  3. Closed Syllables and Units
  4. Syllable Division & Vowel Digraphs
  5. Prefixes and Suffixes
  6. Reasons for Silent-E
  7. Vowel-R Syllables
  8. Advanced Vowel Digraphs
  9. Influences of Foreign Languages
  10. Greek Words & Latin Bases